Dr Abduljalil AlSingace, an imprisoned Bahraini opposition activist and human rights defender, has been on a hunger strike since 8 July 2021 in protest against persistent ill-treatment at the hands of Jau Prison authorities, the main prison in Bahrain, and to demand that a book he wrote in prison, to which he devoted four years of research, be immediately handed to his family following its confiscation in April.

As of 18 August 2021, Dr AlSingace has lost 18kg and continues to be hospitalised for monitoring. 

16 leading rights groups and over 100 academics from around the world have already expressed their solidarity with Dr AlSingace and called for his immediate and conditional release. Read more about Dr AlSingace on BIRD's Timeline of Events

If you agree with them, please add your name to urge Bahrain to:

  • Return Dr AlSingace’s research to his family 
  • End the punitive restrictions and ill-treatment
  • Order his immediate and unconditional release
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